How is CBD Oil Made?

A Big Plus

With the whole of Europe to choose from, you might ask, “Why did you grow your CBD in Switzerland? Well, high-quality CBD is more than just a plant. It’s the ground it’s grown in, the people who harvest it and the technology that extracts it. We found the best all in one place. Switzerland.

Green & Clean

You only have one body, so it’s important you take care of it. That’s why you’ll find all our products non-GM certified. Because we don’t mess with nature.

The Full Spectrum

Containing all 113 cannabinoids that occur naturally in the plant, full spectrum is a nutrient-rich blend of terpenes, essential oils and other cannabinoids. The perfect complement to an active lifestyle.

The Pure Isolate

Isolate is a complete reimagining of CBD. Removing all the terpenes, essential oils and THC, you’re left with a rich, dense dose of performance in its purest form. It’s like a tide of recovery in just one single drop.

Ingredients You Understand

CBD is dropped onto your tongue, absorbed by your bloodstream and sent to almost every part of your body. Make sure you understand what’s in your CBD. With Unlocked, it’s only ever Coconut MCT Oil and either full spectrum CBD or pure CBD isolate.

Performance Tested

Recovery shouldn’t come at a cost. That’s why every batch of our CBD is tested to detect impurities before it leaves the warehouse. 



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